15 février 2013#

Showreel – Spazm Buro

Here is my first showreel. Selected motion works 2009-2012. Compilation of my works for music clips, corporate works, vj gigs, captation and post-prod.

2 février 2013#

Illustration – Humantronic

Illustration for tcheaz podcast #37 mixed by Humantronic
Listen to the podcast here: podcast #37 by Humantronic

30 janvier 2013#

Illustration – Greg Delon

Illustration for tcheaz podcast #36 mixed by Greg Delon
Listen to the podcast here: podcast #36 by Greg Delon

15 janvier 2013#

Cros2 – LA exhibition


I directed this video of the exhibition of my friend Cros2 in Los Angeles at Seize360.
Seize360 is a side-project of Seize Galerie.

16 décembre 2012#

Cros2 L.A exhibition Teasers

I directed and edited these 2 teasers for the exhibition of my buddy Cros2 in Los Angeles, at the Seise360 Gallery. I also did the motion design of the logo, at the end title credits.

5 décembre 2012#

Illustration – ALINE – tcheaz podcast # 34

Illustration for tcheaz podcast #34 mixed by Aline.

Listen to the podcast here: podcast #34 by Aline

10 novembre 2012#

Eazieer – Digital power for talent

Art direction, motion design for Eazieer.

This video was used to participate in the MidemLab Start-Up Contest 2013.

[MAJ] Eazieer is selected as finalists! results end of January…

4 novembre 2012#

Vj set w/ James Taylor – Bastia Ville Digitale

I played videos for Bastia Ville Digitale 2012 in Bastia with James Taylor (part of Swayzak). The sculpture was made by collective Awaka, a local crew of Street-Art who put pixel cows in the streets of Corsica. I did a map on the sculpture to play with my videos created for this show.
Here is a lil part of the show:

26 octobre 2012#

9th cloud Live – Jardins Synthétiques 2012

I edited this 5-multi-cam report of 9th cloud (feat. Airsolid) Live at Jardins Synthétiques 2012 (Toulouse, France).

Captation by CitizenCam / Warsaw / Tomat’Prod